At this year’s Defending the American Dream Summit, we want to arm you with the tools and knowledge to ensure you’re able to take on policy battles in your community. To do this, we will have multiple breakout sessions and workshops focused on some of the free market conversations below. Employees of Americans for Prosperity with extensive knowledge of policy battles and field operations join together with variety of experts in the field, to give you an insight into what to expect on the ground, and on the phones.

  • Rein in Federal Overreach: Restore the balance of power in Washington and in the states
  • Cutting corporate welfare: Level the playing field for all Americans — not just the well-connected
  • Promote a job-friendly economy: Promote growth and innovation through limited government interference
  • Remove barriers to entry: Empower people to earn success and achieve the American dream
  • Will America Fail?  Can Millenials save the country? The answer might surprise you!
  • Going Viral — Social Media Workshop
  • Making the Case for Economic Freedom
  • Countering the False Narratives of the Left

Check this page often as our agenda is constantly evolving.